Spread Dough

100% of profits are donated to Seattle Academy, FamilyWorks Food Bank, and the NAACP

Created by Eden Campbell (9th Grader at Seattle Academy)

I’m Eden, a ninth grader at Seattle Academy. My mission is to create Bread Making Kits, giving you access to all of the ingredients necessary to make delicious artisan bread in your own kitchen while also supporting the students, families, and community members who are impacted by COVID-19, as well as the black lives matter movement. My goal is to raise money to help our vibrant community stay whole during this hard time.

I deeply value our community, and I love being a student at Seattle Academy. I want to help other students and families through this unique time. I believe that if we come together, we can make a huge positive impact.

You can choose to support the Seattle Academy’s Financial Aid Program and Family Works, you can also choose to support the Black Lives Matter Movement. Let’s Spread Dough!

100% of all profits will be donated to Seattle Academy’s financial aid program, the FamilyWorks Food Bank, and the NAACP. 

Hi, I’m Eden!

I love to bake! During quarantine, I really wanted to make my own bread from scratch, and I finally had the time to make it happen. However, when I went with my family to pick up the necessary ingredients for a simple bread recipe, my local grocery store was out of stock. 

I created Spread Dough to help others. I have worked hard over the last few weeks to source high quality, environmentally friendly materials and ingredients that will allow you to bake your own delicious artisan bread at home! It’s the perfect time to try new things! 

All of my family is healthy, but while preparing each bag, I will be using gloves and a face mask.

I look forward to creating Bread Making Kits for you!