About Spread Dough

100% of profits will be donated to Seattle Academy, FamilyWorks Food Bank, and the NAACP.

Hi I’m Eden, a ninth grader at SAAS. I recently started Spread Dough to give you access to the ingredients you need to make delicious artisan bread in your own kitchen. As well, as to help our community members in need by donating to Family Works, and the Seattle Academy Financial Aid Program to help students return to SAAS next year. 

I love to bake, and really wanted to make my own bread from scratch. I finally had the time on my hands due to quarantine. However, when I went to pick up the necessary ingredients for a simple bread recipe, my local grocery store was out of stock. 

I wanted to create a solution for myself and others who are looking to try new things during quarantine by creating Spread Dough. Spread Dough supplies necessary items you need to make delicious artisan bread in your own kitchen, such as flour and yeast. 

There are so many people who are suffering economically during this time, and I saw an opportunity for our community to help each other through this unique time. Half of the profit will go to Seattle Academy’s Financial Aid program. I loved my time at Seattle Academy and cannot wait to return at some point next year. I want to make sure all students have the ability to do so as well. The other half will be donated to Family Works in order to provide food and support for community members in need. I also recently added an option to donate to support BLM through the NAACP.