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Seattle, Washington

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(Delivery within 7 days of order) 

We will be offering free delivery to local neighborhoods!

In order to get my driver’s ed hours, my parents and I will be hand delivering the kits. Please check that we deliver to your neighborhood prior to ordering.

Available Neighborhoods

Refund Information: 

Thank you so much for supporting both Seattle Academy’s Financial Aid Program and FamilyWorks, a local food bank. 

Because this is a fundraiser I cannot accept refund requests based on the quality of the bread. But please email me with any questions, comments and concerns you have at [email protected]. I really do want to provide customers with items of the utmost quality, and I am eager to learn and adapt along the way

If your bread kit did not arrive please notify me immediately at [email protected]. I will document the delivery of each kit with a photo of the arrival of the product. But, I  cannot protect our products from being stolen off of a customer’s doorstep.