Where will the profits go?

Spread Dough is a student lead fundraiser for Seattle Academy and FamilyWorks, a local food bank.

100% of profits will be donated

  • 50% of profits will be donated to Seattle Academy’s Financial Aid Program
  • 50% of profit will be donated to FamilyWorks, a local food bank

Where do you deliver?

We will be offering free delivery to local neighborhoods!

In order to get my driver’s ed hours, my parents and I will be hand delivering the kits. Please check that we deliver to your neighborhood prior to ordering.

Available Neighborhoods

Do you offer refunds?

Thank you so much for supporting both Seattle Academy’s Financial Aid Program and FamilyWorks, a local food bank. 

Because this is a fundraiser I cannot accept refund requests based on the quality of the bread. But please email me with any questions, comments and concerns you have at [email protected]. I really do want to provide customers with items of the utmost quality, and I am eager to learn and adapt along the way

If your bread kit did not arrive please notify me immediately at [email protected]. I will document the delivery of each kit with a photo of the arrival of the product. But, I  cannot protect our products from being stolen off of a customer’s doorstep.

Food permit info?

In accordance with King County Food Permit Exemption for Bake Sales and Fundraisers, Spread Dough is a fundraiser. Please note that all food is prepared in a kitchen that is not inspected by a regulatory authority